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Excitement, happiness, and goofiness; the world of adult play are grounds where each separate area represents a variety of different playgrounds for adults to interact and build relationships !


It is a fusion of creativity and real world implementation, it’s chaos and beauty trying to find organic synergy and actuality in the 3D. The model is the representation of focus, landscape, different shapes and forms structures that gives life rhythm and finding the middle ground of what’s functional and non-functional in the real world with the people seen in the model representing clients as well as colleagues in the professional world. The inspiration of work came from my previous project which focused on new ways of looking at the world; ultimately the idea was to explore creativity more than functionality.  

The entire project is approximately 9 to 10 feet tall, roughly 2 times the length of an average person. It includes print rendering, sculptures and el wires; all of which combine into architectural installation. My computer rendering is to explore architectural form and transform space into gaze that extrudes creativity of viewer. It has 27 multicolor thin neon ropes hanging from the top it, along with a detailed multilevel and multicolor design that has been cut out of a single large piece of paper. In addition there are multiple translucent blue objects also hanging multiple multi colored models in various abstract shapes and others are on the ground directly beneath the neon ropes. Architecture is the main point in this project, to build distort and unique forms that can express positive feelings. It taught me to think about not only how to make a comfortable interior space but also how we can bring people together in an inspiring creative professional setting as well.  


the goal of this project was to share an experience of dreaming with the viewer that can be just happy and beautiful; where you can be the way you want and be who you want.


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