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The Rainbow Collection 

The experience of the different relationship of collection rainbow colored elements makes waves in the upper echelons of the trade.The model is divided into interior and exterior surfaces that transformed from stone object to the decoration object. 

Mood Board

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 7.26.53 PM.png

Elevetion Drawings

Model Prototype


The collection rises from primitive objects to moving easily in the combination and mixing of colors. The Rainbow collection is unusual and mysterious because it can be viewed at various different angles. Presenting model we can see that the materials is different by color, texture, structure and looking. The model is divided into interior and exterior surfaces, which have a playful looking with combination polychromatic colors and materials. 

  • the interior part colors of surfaces absorb and reflect a certain amount of light which works collectively with rock crystal candy and glitter. 


  • the middle part has the same surface as an interior which playful harmony and interactively connects between two bodies. 


  • the exterior part showing holographic rainbow sheet which refers in some way to a hologram and have a three-dimensional colors.




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