vita lutsenko.




product design.

tote bag "sayonara" | art bags.




    My work over the last years has encompassed all the information I have learned and totals the experiences of my life. The inspiration for my art comes from all areas of my academic classes completed, skills I have accumulated, and the interests I have developed through living in three large and yet very different cities; Kiev, Ukraine, Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL.

     All the works I have designed have always been about progression and the intended use of the space I am working with; the concentration is continuously about function and form over needless noise. Like a sculptor who shaves away the excessive clay to get to the inner most effective  and  useful  shape; my works are sensations that create solutions. Vita Lutsenko uses geometric  configuration of space, different scales, and a variety of colors that  bring the  work  together  to form concise  and  useful  meaning. 

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